Artha Studio is a sustainable design consultancy founded on the mission to create meaningful designs to sustainably advance the development of our rural and urban communities.

How We Define the “Meaningful”

In our vision and work, sustainable design is not a style that we embrace, but a responsibility that we deliver on with honest and practical design solutions, which are responsive to its socio-economic and environmental context.

We are particularly cognizant of our duty toward stewarding our ecological diversity, fostering local economies and meeting society’s emerging needs. Hence, wise employment of time, energy and resources is our simple key to unlocking the complexities of each project.

Our designs create a shared social landscape and are intrepid, rather than merely a dialect of the bourgeois. We work on methodical circumstances, which require critical regionalist vision that includes identifying, analyzing and integrating the local climatic patterns, topographic features, light quality, materials and craftsmanship. Our work integrates extensive involvement of the client to make prudent decisions regarding the short-term cost management and the opportunities to reap the fruits of sustainability for the lifetime of the project.

How We Design the “Meaningful”

Our goal is to create spaces and products that are beyond the pragmatic confines of the current design milieu and mere reflections of our own beliefs. Our studio neither follows the staunch and prosaic ideas of any specific design style nor venerates the radical design approaches untested by time. Our designs undertake the use of smart and sustainable solutions by merging the contingencies of craft and culture, which elevate the intrinsic value of the end product for the community it is created. Our studio fervently challenges the idea of commoditization and standardization of building production at every step of the design and construction process.

In essence, we are a team of aware citizens, who truly believe that our most critical responsibility is to create an alternate vision, where the fabric of our physical world is woven with the deepest respect toward our mother earth, preserving the beauty of its splendid diversity, while advancing our society through sustainable and equitable design practices.