Published Work [India]

2017 June – Surface Reporter Magazine NW FA

2017 March – Architects and Interiors India | Focus: Farmer’s Abode

2016 AD and Asian Paints – The 50 Most Beautiful Homes in the World | Focus: Janakee Sadan

2016 AESA Awards | Focus: Farmer’s Abode

2016 June – Insite Remembering Charles Correa | Focus: Farmer’s Abode

2016 Mar-April – AD50 Most Beautiful Homes in the World | Focus: Farmer’s Abode

2016 Ace Tech – The future of building | Focus: Architect Saurabh Malpani

2016 – IIID Anchor Award Yearbook | Focus: Farmer’s Abode

2015  Volume 3 – Trends: Home & Design | Focus: Architect Saurabh Malpani

2015 May-June – AD Apprentices | Focus: Architect Saurabh Malpani

2013 November – Insite | Focus: Janakee Sadan Architecture Project

2013 September – Insite | Focus: Article “Smart and Sustainable Future” authored by Ashka Naik

2012 September – Indian Architect and Builder | Focus: Janakee Sadan Architecture Project

2010 September – Home Review | Focus: Janakee Sadan Conservation Project

2010 April – Green-supplement to Home Review | Focus: AR Folly Architecture Project

2009 June – Buildotech | Focus: AR Folly Architecture Project

2009 February – Indian Architect and Builder Young Designers | Focus: AR Folly Architecture Project

Published Work [United States]

Ashka Naik, “How Higher Ed Helps Shape the Future of Green Building,” @edu Blog on Greenbiz, May 2, 2013.

Julia Feder, Amy Seif Hattan and Ashka Naik, “Teaching the Concepts of Green Building to All Students – A Call to Action,” in Green Careers in Building and Landscaping, ed. Jill C. Schwartz et al. (Peterson’s, 2010), 5. [ISBN: 0-7689-2911-3]

Amy Seif Hattan, Julia Feder, Ashka Naik, Kelly Murphy, Nora Davis, Ukeme Esiet, Krupa Vithlani, Gabrielle Rigaud, “Advancing Education for Sustainability – Teaching the Concepts of Sustainable Building to All Students,” Second Nature, 2010. [Available for download]

Ashka Naik, “Minority-Serving Institutions Championing the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment,” in Sustainable Campuses: Building Green at Minority-Serving Institutions, ed. Melissa Daley et al. (Kyoto Publishing, 2012), 58. [ISBN: 978-0-9813326-4-2, Available for download]

Other Contributions

Elements of Space-Making [ISBN: 81-88204-51-X]

Performed strategic research while writing various case-studies, creating explanatory sketches and communicative graphics for the content of this publication on academic architectur

Concept of Space in Traditional Indian Architecture [ISBN: 81-88204-26-9]

Executed research, production and editing tasks for architectural drawings, miniature-style architectural graphics and illustrations as part of a research team, encapsulating concepts of kinesthetic in traditional spaces
Published Design Projects: (Projects developed and designed by Artha Studio, Pune, India)